My sonic work plays with the paradox of “natural/ unaltered” vs. “technological/ doctored”, seeking to blur the distinction and reside in the ambiguous between, while remaining critical of all forms of sonic imperialism. Drawing inspiration from disparate sources (acousmatic composition, field recording and soundscapes, minimalism to maximalism, New Music practices, traditional folk music, pop, modular [...]

Jan 11, 2020

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2020. Danielle's piece "Schizo Phonia" will be played on Saturday's 7 pm concert. Please see their website for the other concerts and more info! web: On the program: Saturday January 11, 2020 (7:00pm)KEN NORDINE - Tick Tock Fugue (2011)FRANCIS DHOMONT - Here and There (2003)NATASHA BARRETT - Urban Melt in Park Palais Meran (2017)THOM [...]