March-April 2nd, 2023

Danielle’s band Loon Town will be playing the Saturday night at the festival. 8-piece band Freshwater Jukebox, will be playing Sunday. Also sharing the stage with Jeff Andrew and others for a John Prine “in-the-round” session. Full schedule and list of over 50 other acts playing the festival here.

Documentary “the mirror of others” at FIFA

March 14-26, 2023 

The short doc “The Mirror of Others” will be featured at International Festival of Films on Art, 41st edition. The film is an exploration of collective learning through movement, guided by dance artist Charlie Prince. Each individual’s experiences and histories become mirrored by the movements of the others. A gripping and engaging film that tells the sensitive story of Charlie Prince, his work and his vocation. This work was developed in conjunction with Alexandra and Danielle Savage within their exhibition, “Migration Parade: Holon” April, 2022. Our deepest thanks to Paul Crawford, and the movement ensemble, for the care they put into the project.

Creative Producers: Alexandra Goodall, Danielle Savage. Director & Director of Photography by Kristen Brown, Editing, Mixing, sound design by David Earles. Second Camera and Gaffer Edith Labée, Original music by Jeff Andrew, Danielle Savage, Charlie Prince. Performers: Charlie Prince, Nikos Theodosakis, Maiya Robbie, Peter Kok, Gita Harris,  Julie Fowler, Jess Glavina

Loon Town Album Release Tour and Launch of new website

NovemberDecember, 2022

Loon Town will be playing a series of Ontario, Quebec, and BC dates in November and December, 2022.

The new website is an interactive map of the imaginary, everyman’s Loon Town, our imaginary hometown, the town we ran from, came back to, left again. The existential dread, the push pull. The past didn’t go anywhere. On this new map, designed by artist Davide Di Saro, every song is a place. Check it out here.

Migration Parade: Holon @ Lunafest, revelstoke BC

Sept 24, 2022

Luna website here

“A mind blowing extravaganza of installation art, interactive performances, and Art Alley discoveries spread across Revelstoke’s downtown Core”

Migration Parade: Holon @ Penticton Art Gallery

March 26- May 15, 2022

Penticton Art Gallery Website here
“In the lead-up to this exhibition a noted choreographer Charlie Prince along with a 6 person movement ensemble will work alongside and collaboratively with the Danielle Savage and Alexandra Goodall in an open studio residency format.
From February 20th – 26th, Charlie Prince will be conducting a residency in preparation for a durational performance that will take place in the completed Migration Parade : Holon exhibition. Charlie will be using this time to conduct choreographic and somatic research with a 6 person movement ensemble (Gita Harris, Maiya Robbie, Jess Glavina, Nikos Theodosakis, Peter Kok, Julie Fowler). Visitors are invited to witness this research in action on February 24th when the main gallery will be open to the public.
The ensemble will then return to the gallery space from March 27-April 3rd to create the final movement piece. Visitors are encouraged to come down and take in both the sculptural exhibition and the durational performance piece as it is created in real-time. You can interact with the sculptures yourself, or watch as the ensemble moves, discusses, and performs their work in a transparent-to-the-public, research-creation process.

Alexandra Goodall and Danielle Savage will be in the studio from March 7th onwards. Gallery visitors will be welcome to join them and watch their process on Thursday, March 10th and Thursday, March 17 from 1-5 pm. They invite you to observe their working process, share impressions, ask questions, or just take in the space as the exhibition is installed” – Penticton Art Gallery.

Exit Points

November 25, 2020

The 10th edition of the Exit Points a monthly electroacoustic improvisation concert series.Format: 2 ensembles each play a set, then are joined by guest performers from the audience to mix themselves up for a series of 5 minute pieces for the remaining hour. To play with us during the 3rd set, fill out this form: 8pm – Ensemble 1:
Debashis Sinha (small bells, kalimba, machine learning)
Matthew Fava (no-input mixer, touchdesigner)
Sako Ghanaghounian (tbd)
Federico Balducci (7-string guitar)
Michael Palumbo (modular synth & voice)8:35pm Intermission9pm – Ensemble 2:
Kavi (touchdesigner visuals)
Gabrielle Couillard (granular & vocal samples)
Danielle Savage (trumpet kazoo, electric kazoo, reaktor)
Jamie Thompson (flutes)9:35pm Intermission10pm – Switchemups Set
Joined by guest performers from the audience, we will make new ensembles for a series of 5-minute jams.

Produced by Michael Palumbo

The San Francisco Tape Music festival

Jan. 10-12, 2020

The San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2020. Danielle’s piece “Schizo Phonia” will be played on Saturday’s, Jan. 11, 7 pm concert. Please see their website for the other concerts and more info!

Danielle’s piece looks at the intersection between human-sound (ie voice) and human-made sound (ie: trains, helicopters), in a sort of a meditation/ exploration of Schafer’s concept of “Schizophonia” as “the split between an original sound and its electronic reproduction” (paraphrased Truax, 2001)- in this case, there are many small “splits”, in the form of edits, re-configured to make something new. The source materials are re-recorded sounds from a reel-to-reel tape player, including the content on the tape, as well as the imperfections of the mechanisms as they age.

Duo Turgeon, Piece for two pianos

Sept. 21, 2019

World premiere of Danielle’s piece for two pianos “The Planned Obsolescent”. Performed by Duo Turgeon at LER auditorium in Dalhousie, NB.

This eight-and-a-half minute piece for two pianos speaks to the acceleration of commodity, the planned obsolescence of material goods in order to justify the influx of more goods, for the purpose of economic stimulation.

In order to engage with this idea musically, it draws from the popular dance rhythms of reggaeton, samba, and salsa, as well as various scales and polytonal elements, introducing themes (goods) at an increasingly rapid pace. There are, as in the material world, some efforts to recycle material within the piece, but also to use the material quickly, toss it away, and then introduce a slightly updated version of the material in order to keep the “goods” circulating.

The piece is meant to address consumerism, by raising questions of addiction, sustainability, and its effect on social interaction.

CiMa: Festival Internacional de Música

Sept. 5, 2019

CiMa: Festival Internacional de Música (Manizales, Colombia): Performance of piece “Undulating Tachyon Gradient” in Telematic Concert at Concordia Visualization Studio in conjunction with CiMa/ Universidad de Caldas. This is a collaboration with Kasey Pocius, Gabrielle Couillard, Andy Burns, and Tata Ceballos.

Festival Dias Diseño, concierto del cierre

August 14, 2019

“Festival Dias Diseño, concierto del cierre”: Performance of piece “xsSounds” in Telematic Concert at UQAM-Hexagram, Agora Hydro Quebec Building, in conjunction with the University of Caldas. This is a collaboration with Kasey Pocius, Gabrielle Couillard, Andy Burns, and the University of Caldas.

Festival la Mansión de la Cantante Muda: Música-Cone-Surrealista. Musica Contemporánea

July 27, 2019

Performance of piece written for Piano Trio (Géocoucou). Museo Leonora Carrington, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Migration Parade: Diaspora. Island Mountain Arts

May 3-June 9, 2019

“Migration Parade: Diaspora”. Collaborative mtultimeadia-installation with sculptural textile artist Alexandra Goodall at Island Mountain Arts (IMA), BC.

Opening night we held an artist-talk. We also facilitated a day-long exploratory arts-based embodiment workshop. Presented at Island Mountain Arts Gallery in Wells, BC.