Sound Examples

This piece looks at the intersection between human-sound (ie voice) and human-made sound (ie: trains, helicopters), in a sort of exploration of R. Murray Schafer’s concept of “Schizophonia” as “the split between an original sound and its electronic reproduction” (paraphrased by Truax, 2001)- in this case, there are many small “splits”, in the form of edits, re-configured to make something new. Source material: re-recorded sounds from a reel-to-reel tape player, including content on the tape & the imperfections of the mechanisms as they age.


Electroacoustic and New Music works

Loon Town:

Synth-pop band with Mili Hong, Nicolas Hyatt, and David Lacalamita

Debut EP, “Exit Strategy”, out May 2020


Past folk projects: