I love creating immersive sonic experiences, as I love being in them. Tagaq said it wonderfully when she wrote, “Sound has its own currency. Sound is a conduit into a realm which we cannot totally comprehend… Sound can create a wound and then stitch it.” 

Many of the experiences that provoked or changed me as a person dealt in the realm of sound. I am interested in evoking this visceral experience, though learning to conjure it in my own practice. I get the sensation of dancing for the muse, coaxing her out of the void, through sheer consistency of showing up everyday and getting to work. This serves as an entry point into the direct experience of sound, which, on a good day, transmogrifies the representation of experience, leaving one with a mysterious sense of connection to something intangible. This is the richness, the blanket of being, that so easily gets forgotten. I wish to develop these strange, non-physical muscles for listening, and offer it back as compositions. Almost 2 decades of spending much of my time living outside, moving around, and keeping my ears open has grounded my ears and eyes in the world that surrounds me, and the power of sound to create shared experience across arbitrary social or geographical strata.

I​n a sense, all of my work centres around showing up regularly, experimentation, and staying curious about the act of listening. If I can do anything, I aim to facilitate a sensitization to the richness of the sonic environment. If I can tell a story while doing it, so much the better.


DANIELLE SAVAGE is a composer and songwriter whose passion is sound and music. She particularly loves working in various folk traditions, field recordings, modular synth, and editing. With compositions ranging from multichannel electroacoustic environments, orchestral and chamber works, to synth-rock and folk music and music for film, she has had work presented at: Ignite the Arts, San Francisco Tape Music Festival, Foro De Música Nueva, Visiones Sonoras, 60×60 festival, Montreal/ New Musics, Festival Días Diseño, ArtsWells, Lux Magna, among others. She obtained a BFA in Composition and a BFA in Electroacoustics from Concordia University in Montréal, QC. From 2019-2022 she co-realized a large scale, multimedia exhibition “Migration Parade: Holon” with her collaborator Alexandra Goodall. In 2022 she co-produced a short doc exploring the artistic practice of choreographer Charlie Prince, as well as co-produced/wrote a music video for her band “Loon Town” with director Kristen Brown. Last year, after 9 years in Montreal, she moved to the mountains of BC, where she currently writes and plays acoustic music with her pals and twiddles knobs on her modular synth.