Danielle Savage


-Concordia University- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Electroacoustic Studies. Montréal, QC. 2016-2018.

-Concordia University- Bachelor of Fine Arts, Specialization in Composition. Montréal, QC. 2012-2017.

-University of New Mexico- One-year student exchange program. Albuquerque, NM. 2015-2016.

Performances, Expositions

-San Francisco Tape Music Festival. Fixed media piece “Schizo Phonia” Jan 11, 2020

-Premiere of “Planned Obsolescent” for Two Pianos. Performed by Duo Turgeon at LER Auditorium in Dalhousie, NB Sept. 21, 2019

-“CiMa: Festival Internacional de Música”: Performance of piece “Undulating Tachyon Gradient” in Telematic Concert at Concordia Visualization Studio in conjunction with CiMa/ Universidad de Caldas, a festival in Manizales, Colombia. Sept 5, 2019

“Festival Dias Diseño, concierto del cierre”: Performance of piece “xsSounds” in Telematic Concert at UQAM-Hexagram, Agora Hydro Quebec Building, in conjunction with the University of Caldas. August 14, 2019

– “Festival la Mansión de la Cantante Muda: Música-Cone-Surrealista. Musica Contemporánea” Performance of piece written for Piano Trio (Géocoucou). Museo Leonora Carrington, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. July 27, 2019

-“Migration Parade”. Collaborative gallery installation, artist-talk, and workshop. Presented at Island Mountain Arts Gallery in Wells, BC. May 3-June 9, 2019.

-”Montreal/ New Musics 9th Edition (2019)”. Performance of quadrophonic fixed media piece. Morelia, Mexico. March, 2019, Montréal.

-“Mixtape #IWA”: International Women’s Day. Piece in sound installation of experimental electronic music and sound art. Dundalk, Ireland, March 7, 2019.

– “Festival Muchas Músicas”: Performance of piece written for Low Frequency Trio. Universidad de Quilmes, Argentina. September 2018.

– “Visiones Sonoras”: Performance of quadrophonic drum piece, “Drummy”. Morelia, Mexico. September 2018.

– “Lux Magna Festival”: Live electroacoustic group “Filleharmonic” performance. Montréal, QC. 2018.

-“CLOrk (Concordia Laptop Orchestra)”. Various performances as an ensemble player and coordinator. Venues include Eastern Bloc, Concordia University, and MINT conference, Festival de la Imagen, etc. Jan 2018-May 2019

– “New Media and Arts Exposition”: Fixed media performance. Montréal, QC. November 2017.

– “Foro de Musica Nueva”, Performance of piece written for Low Frequency Trio, Palacio Des Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico. 2016.

– “Freshwater Jukebox”: Fundraiser. Co-organizing and performing. Penticton, BC. 3 incarnations: 2013, 2014, 2016.

-Gigs at various venues (festivals, wineries, resorts, house-shows, fundraisers, bars, etc.) Canada, USA, Mexico. 2005-2013.

Awards and Honours

-Canada Council for the Arts, Research and Creation Grant for Migration Parade, 2020

-Canada Council for the Arts, Travel Grant, 2019

-Hugh and Trudi Le Caine Award in Electroacoustics, 2018

-Aramark and Concordia Food Services Scholarship, 2018

-Mobility Bursary Summer Field School, 2018

-The Music Award, 2018

-Loyola Class of ’57 Scholarship, 2016/17

-Robert Harris Pallen Memorial Bursary 2014

-Trevor Payne Scholarship in Black Music, 2012/13

Presentations and Teaching

– “American Education Research Association (AERA) Conference”: Presenting a co-authored paper on Inner Ear, an electroacoustic ear training tool. April, 2019

– “Women in Electroacoustics Forum”: Lecture. Concordia University, Montréal, QC. March, 2019

– “Music in New Technologies (MINT) Conference”: Co-presenting research with the Inner Ear project, as well as with the Concordia Laptop orchestra (CLOrk). November 2018.

– “Visiones Sonoras 14: Festival Internacional de Música y Nuevas Tecnologías”: Presenting research project and a multichannel electroacoustic piece. Morelia, Mexico. September 2018.

– “Festival de La Imagen”: Presenting research and an electroacoustic piece. Manizales, Colombia. May 2018.

Employment and volunteer

-Research Assistant (RA) for Eldad Tsabary, Concordia University, Montréal, QC. October 2017-January 2019.

-Teacher’s Assistant (TA) for Eldad Tsabary. Prep & teaching of 6 undergraduate classes on electroacoustic ear training, Montréal, QC. Fall 2017.

-President, MUSIC (Music Undergraduate Students in Concordia) Student’s Association, Montréal, QC, 2014-2015.